Terry is a fifth generation cabinet maker and was raised in the cabinet factorty. Working alongside his father and five brothers made growing up in the cabinet shop interesting and busy. After completing his service in the military with the 101st airborne division, and attending college in Kentucky, Terry returned to work in the cabinet shop and a few years later bought the business from his father. Along with learning the many challenges of running a custom cabinet and millwork shop, Terry also knew computer's had to allow him to get more done in less time so implementing Cabinet design software just made sense, and years later investing in CNC nested base manufacturing to further automate the process of building custom cabinet with the least amount of experienced labor.

Over the last 30 years Terry has been in thousands of shops all over North America, Europe and Asia, sold, installed and trained several hundred customers while representing many software companies who are considered to be the best of the best including Cabinet Vision, CadCode, Enroute, ArtCAM, AplhaCAM,CabnetWare, 20/20 and Pattern Systems and Microvellum.

Terry is a firm believer in Automation and knows from experience what impact the right software and machinery can have on a shops labor and productions costs. Terry also knows that service and training are the most important component of a successful implementation and does not circumvent training to save a few dollars on the sale which end up costing companies’ time and money in the long run.

Terry is now based in Xiamen China representing Microvellum Asia and owns International Consulting Inc. which provides consulting services to the woodworking industry throughout Asia.