We Specialize in the Manufacturing Automation


I have found many General Managers and CEO’s of large companies in Asia frustrated and not for sure where to turn in difficult situations.


I offer confidential mentoring to Executive level staff covering a wide range of topics.


Ø  Staff issue

Ø  Profit Sharing

Ø  Gaining Market Share

Ø  Create Employee Loyalty

Ø  Working with North America as Equals

Ø  Motivating Staff to Build a Strong Company

Ø  Building the Best Products with Controlled Cost

Ø  Set the Industry Standards Instead of Following Them

Ø  Creating the Profitable Image is not About What Kind of Car You Drive


All information is strictly confidential with a non disclosure form required for both parties.


If English is not the preferred language I will need a translator for all on site work but have my own for document translations.


Rates are negotiated based on complexity and time involved of the project.