Return on Investment.


Should you invest in a consultant? There are many reasons that make sense to hire an impartial professional to not only evaluate your process of manufacturing but also advise on machinery and software automation tools to increase profitability and production.


Ø  We can easily save you thousands of dollars on your automation investments. But more important we help you avoid buying the wrong tools that will not meet your goals. 


Ø  With 30 years experience we know what’s out there, how they work and the acceptable margins so we can negotiate on your behalf to get the best automation tools at the best price.


Ø  Sales teams tend to sell what they offer and many times the customer is left purchasing more production capacity than they need. Worse yet you find out the machine is simply not capable of your production needs and you end up slowing production. Then engage in long tiresome battles with your supplier.


Ø  The most expensive software solutions out there are the ones sitting on the shelf. They are not working for that return on investment and all the training/implementation dollars are wasted. We are well schooled on many Design, Manufacturing, Estimating, ERP and Accounting solution written for specific industries. We will work with you not only to invest in the right product but insure a smooth transition and implementation.


Ø  We help set reasonable expectations for training goals, support costs and staff knowledge to insure a successful training program on new automation investments. Assigning staff with a compatible background to learn the right tools to improve the process is critical to success.


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