Consider International Consulting for Impartial Evaluations of Your Management and Manufacturing Process


·      Architectural Shop and Presentation Drawings. Do They Make You Money?

·      Refine Estimating Methods to Make Profits on all Aspects of the Job

·      Shop and Presentation Drawings, are they Making You Money?

·      Construction Methods that Build the Best with the Least Labor

·      Manufacturing software evaluations and recommendations

·      Negotiating Best Value on your Behalf for Automation Tools

·      CNC Machinery, What Works the Best for Your Factory?

·      Design Software Evaluations and Recommendations

·      CAM Software Evaluations and Recommendations

·      ERP Software Evaluations and Recommendations

·      Time Management in the Office and Factory

·     Job Costing Implementations and Controls

·     Employee Skills and Roles in the Factory

·      Materiel Management and Inventory

·      Labor Flow in the Factory Cells

·      Part Flow to the Factory Cells

·     Factory Layout and Design



Over the last 30 years we have been in thousands of cabinet factories in North America, Europe and Asia and have seen the benefits of a factory that knows its cost of doing business in every part of the process. Factories that know and control their costs are the ones that also know their profit margins.



A business that knows its costs is a business designed to stay in business.


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